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4-H Online Enrollment

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Enroll as soon as you can after July 1st. The enrollment deadline for returning members is November 15, 2020. To make sure you are eligible to show in the 2021 fair please see the requirements as outlined in Steps to Success in 4-H and Steps to Success in 4-H FAQ. Follow the steps below to enroll a youth.   

  1. Log onto 4HOnline 
  2. Update profile (only create a new family profile if you are new to 4-H). If you have been enrolled in the past but have forgotten your password choose the "I forgot my password" button and enter your email.
    1. Medical Release and Health History forms are now entered Online.
  3. Return to this page to pay with a secure online credit card or check through this link.
    • Youth - $60
    • Adult - $25 (Can be paid for by the Humboldt County 4-H Management Team)

Enrollment Help Tips

Were you enrolled last year?

Forgot your password or have a new email? Click "I forgot my password" in the 4HOnline enrollment system to get an email with a link to create a new password. The email goes to the address you entered in the enrollment system last year. If you have a new email or forgot what you entered last year, call the 4-H Office at (707) 445-7351

Do not create a new profile if you have enrolled on 4HOnline previously!

New to 4-H? Don't know which club to sign up for?
  1. Please check out the "Clubs and Groups" page in the left side bar before you start your enrollment process.
  2. You must have an email account to register. (List of companies who offer free email accounts)

2020-2021 Program Year

You will not be officially enrolled in 4-H for the 2020/2021 program year until we have received your program fees and confirmed your enrollment. It might take two weeks or longer for your enrollment to be confirmed.

  1. 4-H Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this web page.
  2. Enrolling in 4-H means you agree to the following 4-H Code of Conduct for Youth & Adults
  3. Youth Membership Definitions:
    • Youth are eligible to participate in 4-H as primary members if they are 5 years old or in kindergarten as of December 31st of the program year.
    • If they are 9 years old or in the fourth grade by December 31st of the program year, they can enroll as regular members.
    • Please note that if youth are home schooled, the grade criterion does not apply.
    • Youth remain eligible for membership until December 31st of the year in which they turn 19 years old.
  4. Adult Volunteers:
    • Returning Adult Volunteers must watch the eXtension videos: 2020-2021 Returning Volunteers Course.
    • An individual must be 18 years or older to become a 4-H Adult Volunteer.
    • A Volunteer cannot simultaneously be a 4-H member. Depending upon the roles and responsibilities of a volunteer position, additional age restrictions may apply.
    • Adults cannot apply for Volunteer membership until they have been fingerprinted (via Live Scan), cleared, complete our in person Volunteer Leader training process and view the training videos on eXtension for New Volunteers. If you were not an Adult Volunteer last program year, but were in years past, you have to be re-fingerprinted to be an Adult Volunteer this year, take the Volunteer Leader training and watch the training videos.
    • Download Humboldt County 4-H Live Scan form
      Download Humboldt County Live Scan Locations
  5. California 4-H Policies on Health & Safety.
  6. Already Enrolled in the Online System?

If you have questions regarding the 4HOnline Enrollment System please call the 4-H OfficeNo Internet access: If you or someone you know does not have access to the Internet, your local library should have computers set up to the network that you may use or call the 4-H Office at (707) 445-7351 to set up an appointment.

If you haven't already gone through the 4HOnline Enrollment Process Begin here to start the process.

4-H Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How old does my child have to be to join 4-H?
    • Refer to guidelines above.
  2. What do the “H”s stand for in 4-H?
    • Head, Heart, Hands and Health
  3. What is the value of 4-H to a youth?
    • 4-H helps to enable all youth to reach their fullest potential by developing their leadership, citizenship and life skills.
  4. Do 4-H members deal only with the raising of livestock and/or farm animals?
    • No! There are hundreds of projects 4-H Members work with including photography, crafts, cooking, digital media, camping, etc. For a complete list call the 4-H office.
  5. How often are the Community Club meetings?
    • These meetings are held once a month but at the discretion of the leaders. Members who attend all of their Community Club meetings in person will receive a 100% Attendance Pin.
  6. When can my child join 4-H? 
    • Open enrollment starts July 1st. 
  7. Once my child joins a 4-H club in our community, can he/she change his/her mind and transfer to another club?
    • Yes, after the enrollment deadline, members changing clubs must notify in writing the leaders of both the club they are leaving and the club they are planning to join, and also the 4-H office within 30 days of the transfer.
  8. What are County-Wide Projects?
    • County-wide projects are similar to other projects, but are open to any member in the county, no matter what 4-H club they are enrolled in and do not have to be enrolled in a club.
  9. Where can I go to find more information regarding 4-H?
  10. How do I know what club to join?
    • Choose a club that's location and meeting times are convenient for you. Information regarding Community Clubs can be obtained by calling the Humboldt County 4-H office. The staff will take your contact information and then have the leader of the club of your choice contact you with more information or you can find the information on the Humboldt County 4-H Website.
  11. Is there a handout that can be sent to me regarding 4-H?
    • Not at this time. However, we will be happy to give you more information regarding 4-H if you come to or call the Humboldt County 4-H office during regular working hours. 
  12. What is a 4-H Ambassador member?
    • Ambassador members are the ambassadors of the 4-H program in the county. Ambassadors plan their own program within established guidelines.
  13. What are Junior/Teen Leaders?
    • Members in the sixth through eighth grades may be a Junior Leader and members in the ninth grade and above can be Teen Leaders. These members may lead a project under the supervision of an adult leader. For more detailed information go to the Junior and Teen Leader section of the UC 4-H Youth Development Program Website
  14. How does a 4-H member achieve a Super Presenter 4-H Member Award?
    • This award can be achieved by any member who qualifies by completing 5 presentations in a public setting. The Super Presenter Award form can be found on the Humboldt County 4-H website under forms.
  15. Do 4-H members have to wear a uniform to meetings or when competing at the fair?
    • There is no uniform requirement in the 4-H program, and the uniform cannot be required for participation in any 4-H sponsored activity, event, meeting or occasion. However, all California fairs and expositions require exhibitors that are 4-H members to wear their 4-H uniforms for identification purposes. Uniform guidelines can be found on the 4-H State website.
  16. What are the requirements to become a 4-H Leader or Volunteer?
    • All potential 4-H leaders and/or volunteers must be fingerprinted, and be cleared in a background check prior to appointment, complete an orientation, submit an application and agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct. Volunteers are appointed agents of the University of California to carry out their duties as educators under the policies set forth at the national, state, and county levels. 
  17. How many projects can a member participate in?
    • There are no limits to the projects a member may participate in. To encourage success for first year members it is recommended that they consult their club leaders regarding the number of projects they plan to take.