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Livestock Advisor Jeff Stackhouse
Livestock Advisor Jeff Stackhouse
Livestock Advisor Jeff Stackhouse provides information and support for local livestock and rangeland producers on a variety of topics pertaining to ranch and dairy management. He offers workshops on livestock herd health, grazing management, rangeland restoration, water quality, and wildlife habitat management. Additionally, he supports local associations, workgroups, and watershed councils in their efforts of working toward sustainable livestock and natural resources management.



  • Commercial Dairy Production
  • Commercial Beef/Sheep Production

Natural Resources               

  • Water and Water Use
  • Soils
  • Rangeland Systems
  • Pest Management
  • Policy/Mediation

Research Projects       

  • Bovine Respiratory Disease in Dairy Calves
  • Forage Production Analysis
  • Rangeland Seeding
  • Forage Agronomic Trials
  • Herbicide Trials
  • Technological Development and Testing (mostly phone applications)
  • Oak Woodland Restoration
  • Sheep Cost Studies


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