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1st grade Curriculum (My Amazing Body)

Grade 1
Students learn about amazing things their body can do and explore how they can keep their amazing bodies healthy through nutrient-rich foods, getting plenty of exercise and sleep, and practicing good hygiene.

Nutrition Curriculum - My Amazing Body

2nd grade Curriculum (Good for Me and You)

Grade 2

Students explore what is good for a healthy body and lifestyle, study MyPlate, and are introduced to the concept of nutrients and what they do for their bodies. They learn that eating breakfast every day, drinking healthy beverages, exercising and keeping food safe to eat are all good for their body.

Nutrition Curriculum - Good For Me And You

3rd grade Curriculum (Its My Choice... Eat Right! Be Active!)

grade 3

Students examine the key nutrients provided by each of the five food groups of MyPlate and learn how to make healthy choices. They identify how vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins provide the essential building blocks needs for good health.

Nutrition Curriculum - It's My Choice...Eat Right! Be Active!

4th - 5th grade Curriculum (Up 4 It)

Up 4 It pic
This field tested student activity book is designed for youth to build healthy habits for life that will help prevent too much weight gain during childhood. Included are 16 activities, ranging from 15 to 60 minutes to complete. Students will learn how to eat well, drink well, and be physically active.

Nutrition Curriculum - Up 4 It

6th - 8th grade Curriculum (Eat Fit)

eat fit

The EatFit curriculum featuring nine nutrition and fitness lessons was developed to help students develop critical thinking skills in service of making better food and exercise choices.

Nutrition Curriculum - Eat Fit