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Fall Pasture Workshop

October 1, 2010
Humboldt County Agriculture Center

The Fall Pasture Workshop was designed for both conventional and organic producers. Regional experts assisted attendees in managing fertilization, determining grazing capacities and controlling pasture weeds. Current research on greenhouse gasses and effects of Aleutian Geese on pasture production was also presented.

Sponsored by: Humboldt County Resource Conservation District, Farm Bureau, University of California Cooperative Extension, Oregon State University Cooperative Extension and USDA – Natural Resource Conservation Service

Fall Pasture Workshop Agenda
Fall Pasture Workshop Speaker List

Pasture Aeration
- Larry Forero & Dan Marcum 
Weed Wiper - Larry Forero & Glenn Nader
Fact and Fiction About Livestock Industry - Frank Mitloehner, PhD.
Tissue and Soil Testing
- Larry Forero
How Much of What
- Alan Bower & Larry Forero
Pasture Condition Scoring Chart
- Alan Bower
How to Sample Soils - Alan Bower
Forage Production
- Alan Bower
Blackberry Management - Larry Forero