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Redwood Region Forest Management and Market Opportunities

The Redwood Region Forest Management and Market Opportunities seminar was recently held in Eureka, California at the Agriculture Center on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.  It brought together agency colleagues, UC specialists, and HSU faculty to explore current research findings in redwood region forest management and to discuss market opportunities. Those who might be interested in the presenters who attended the seminar are welcome to view the presentations offered below.

Rick Standiford-Redwood Prices Rick Standiford-Redwood Prices

Maggi Kelly-Mapping Tools Maggi Kelly-Mapping tools

Erin Kelly-Carbon Markets and the California Landowner Erin Kelly-Carbon markets and the California Landowner

Bill Stewart-Global Climate Benefit Bill Stewart-Global climate benefit

Peter Tittmann-Biomass Peter Tittmann - Biomass

Yana Valachovic-Wood Quality Yana Valachovic-Wood Quality

Lenya Quinn-Davidson-Oak Woodlands Lenya Quinn Davidson-Oak Woodlands

Pascal Berrill-Stand Density and Spatial Pattern Pascal Berrill Talk 2