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Future Forests II Follow-up 2009

At the end of the FFII conference, the audience brainstormed several areas for continued efforts.  About a dozen participants who had interest in continuing the dialog met in March and grouped that list of topics identified at the conference into the following categories: infrastructure, recreation/tourism, marketing, regulations, monetizing ecosystem services, new product development, energy, public lands, restoration, facilitating the conversation and maximizing value form traditional wood products.
We are turning to you now to find out whether you would be interested in joining us in follow-up on any of these areas. Please see the following link

Future Forests II Follow-up Survey (By July 1, 2009)

to read brief descriptions of each of the possible thematic areas and let us know for each topic:
  1. whether you would be interested in meeting to be part of a work group on any of these issues, 
  2. whether you would like to hear about any next steps or educational events that emerge on this topic,
  3. or whether you would prefer not to hear from us any more about it.
Please respond by July 1, 2009. After they survey is complete, we will inform each group of its membership and ask one of you to help bring people together.