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Oak Symposium Presentations

Thanks to all who attended our Oregon White Oak and California Black Oak Ecology and Management Symposium in November! To view recordings of symposium presentations, click on the video links below OR to view only the PowerPoint presentation, click the PDF links. 

Click here to view the whole agenda: Oak Symposium Agenda


Welcome - Yana Valachovic, UC Cooperative Extension (video) (PDF)

Northern California paleo history – Carl Skinner, retired USDA Forest Service (video) (PDF)

Black oak: how traditional ecological knowledge can inform restoration and resilience – Frank Lake (USDA Forest Service) (video) (PDF)  

Oaks and wildlife – Bob Keiffer, retired UC Hopland Research and Extension Center (video) (PDF)

Patterns of conifer encroachment in Oregon white oak and California black oak woodlands: what research tells us –  Matt Cocking, Natural Resource Conservation Service  (video) (PDF)

Oaks and fire – Eamon Engber, Redwood National Park (video) (PDF)

Oregon white oak forest health challenges – Dave Shaw, Oregon State University (video) (PDF)

California black oak forest health challenges – Steve Seybold, USDA Forest Service (video) (PDF)


Garry oak ecosystem restoration in Washington: a San Juan Island case study – Peter Dunwiddie, University of Washington (video) (PDF)

Restoring oak resilience through a collaborative, cross-boundary, all-lands initiative in southern Oregon/northern California – Marko Bey, Lomakatsi Restoration Project (video) (PDF)

Oak woodland restoration: an example from California State Parks – Brendan O’Neil, California State Parks (video) (PDF)

Mapping and informatics skill development workshop with Sean Hogan and Shane Feirer of UC’s Informatics and GIS team (video) (PDF)

Policy challenges to restoration–  Yana Valachovic, UC Cooperative Extension, and Mike Miles, Humboldt Redwood Company and member of the California Board of Forestry and Fire Protection (video) (PDF)

Spanning geographic boundaries - where do we go from here?– Lenya Quinn-Davidson, UC Cooperative Extension (video) (closing remarks, no PDF available)


Please email Lenya Quinn-Davidson at lquinndavidson@ucanr.edu for more information.