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Awards and Incentives


record book

4-H Record Books serve a variety of purposes in the California 4-H Youth Development Program.  4-H Record Books allow 4-H members to reflect on their yearly work completed as well as maintain records of project and club work.  4-H members demonstrate growth and measure achievements across their years in 4-H.

In record-keeping, 4-H members develop the following life skills:

  • Maintaining records of 4-H project and club work and school and community activities.
  • Keeping personal and business records
  • Improving communication with other people
  • Learning time management and organizational skills
  • Learning responsibility and developing goal setting skills

Yearly Achievement Pin

The Yearly Achievement Pin recognizes members for successful completion of a 4-H project.

Three Stars

The Service Stars of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum are earned within the 4-H Club.  They are earned on the total amount of club and community activity.  Keep track of the 4-H activities you attend, and committees or chairmanship positions served on.  Presentations and Demonstrations play a hug role.  They are required for you to earn any awards or ranks.  You  must attend your 4-H project meetings as well as the general meetings.  Turn in your Record Book for you leader to know what you have done.  Record books are judged yearly and record keeping is a very important part of 4-H.

The All Star program is for a 4-H member over the age of 16, that has received their Bronze, Silver and Gold Star.

The 4-H Proficiency Program helps you learn what you need to know in your 4-H project.  Your project leader will assist you in setting and achieving your goals.

There are five levels of the Project Proficiency Program: Explorer, Producer, Consumer, Leader, and Researcher.  You may choose how many levels you wish to complete.  As you work through the proficiency program, your leader will date each skill item as you complete it.  When all items in the proficiency level are completed, your leader will initial the level.