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Brendan Twieg

Staff Research Associate II
Humboldt County Office
5630 South Broadway
Eureka, CA 95503-6998
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Forest Health


Peer Reviewed

  • Pickles, Brian; Twieg, Brendan, et al. (2015). "Local adaptation in migrated interior Douglas-fir seedlings is mediated by ectomycorrhizas and other soil factors." New Phytologist 207(3): 858-871.
  • Brooks, Denise; Twieg, Brendan, et al. (2013). "Physical extent, frequency, and intensity of phosphatase activity varies on soil profiles across a Douglas-fir chronosequence." Soil Biology and Biochemistry 64: 1-8.
  • Jones, Melanie; Twieg, Brendan, et al. (2010). "Functional complementarity of Douglas-fir ectomycorrhizas for extracellular enzyme activity after wildfire or clearcut logging." Functional Ecology 24: 1139-1151.
  • Twieg, Brendan; Durall, Daniel, et al. (2009). "Influence of soil nutrients on ectomycorrhizal communities in a chronosequence of mixed temperate forests." Mycorrhiza 19: 305-316.
  • Jones, Melanie; Twieg, Brendan, et al. (2008). "Location relative to a patch affects the ECM community more than patch size in the first season after timber harvesting on Vancouver Island, British Columbia." Forest Ecology and Management 255: 1342-1352.
  • Twieg, Brendan; Durall, Daniel, et al. (2007). "Ectomycorrhizal fungal succession in mixed temperate forests." New Phytologist 176(2): 437-447.

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