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Past Sudden Oak Death Meetings and Workshops

North Coast Sudden Oak Death Coordination Meeting

This all-day meeting for forest managers, landowners, and the interested general public featured current information on: disease occurrence in Humboldt County and in Sonoma and Mendocino counties; updates from Oregon including disease incidence and monitoring strategies; science updates; and concluded with the challenges and potential strategies of managing exotic, or non-native, pathogens. There were over 65 participants from various government agencies, NGO's, private forestry, tribes, the media, and concerned citizens.

2015 North Coast SOD Coordination Meeting AGENDA

North Coast SOD meeting 4-23-15 for website


Links to morning presentations:

STARK (UCCE) Intro to Phytophthora ramorum

TWIEG (UCCE) North Coast SOD incidence

LEE (CAL FIRE) Sonoma-Mendocino SOD incidence

KANASKIE (ODF) Oregon SOD incidence

GOHEEN (USFS-R5) Oregon SOD monitoring


Links to afternoon presentations:

DODD (UCB) Hoopa Valley: A meeting place for ancient genetic lineages of tanoak

COBB (UCD) Is tanoak resistance in real landscapes an effective tool for conservation?

ARAM (UCD) P. ramorum's life in water

FRANKEL (USFS-PSRS) Phytophthora tentaculata detections in native plant nurseries and restoration sites

HANSEN (OSU) Other Phytophthoras in the woods: on the watch for the next big thing

LEE (CAL FIRE) Lessons from exotic pest management

VALACHOVIC (UCCE) Moving forward with SOD Management


Links to clicker questions:

Morning Clicker questions NC SOD 2015

Afternoon Clicker questions NC SOD 2015


Packet handouts

Phytophthora tentaculata Pest Alert

Sudden Oak Death Resources 2015



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