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Tribal Outreach

What is FRTEP?


Purpose and Goals

The Federally Recognized Tribes Extension Program (FRTEP) is funded by the USDA and was was created to address a long-standing need among the Federally Recognized Tribes for equal access to Extension programs. Our local focus is on youth development and production agriculture. FRTEP's nation-wide goals include:

• Local and Global Food Security

• Responding to Climate and Energy Needs

• Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

• Improving Family Nutrition and Health

• Improving Food Safety and Preparation

• Developing Education and Science Literacy

• Maintaining Tribal Traditions

• Rural Prosperity and Rural-Urban Interdependence




National and Local Support for Tribes

FRTEP connects tribal communities to education and research-based knowledge on agriculture and natural resources through local cooperative extension outreach. The national program is focused on food security, sustainable use of natural resources, nutrition, science literacy, and leadership and career development based on tribe-specific priorities. 

FRTEP Humboldt – Del Norte currently works with the Yurok, Hoopa, Karuk, and Wiyot Tribes on a variety of agriculture and youth development projects including school and community gardens, food security issues, traditional food access, food preservation workshops, 4-H clubs and activities, education and support for farmers and ranchers, and youth leadership and career development.

Local Projects


Community Garden Projects

FRTEP, in collaboration with Klamath, Weitchpec, Pecwan, and Orleans schools, builds connections with the Yurok, Karuk, and Hoopa Tribes along with various other regional organizations. FRTEP staff works with teachers in classes and after school programs to get kids into the garden. Students learn about germination, transplanting, cultivation, harvesting, composting, pollination, plant life cycles, and more!

Project Updates

  • Weitchpec Elementary School: Students amended and planted two terraced garden beds, raised their own vermicomposting bin, and learned Yurok words for gardening with help from their Yurok language teacher.
  • Orleans Elementary School: Collaborative garden project with FRTEP, MKWC, and Karuk Tribe to create the Ishkeesch tunviiv (Children of the River) after school program. The project revitalized the community garden and incorporated a native food field trip to harvest Indian potato.


Spring College Tour: Yurok, Hoopa, and Karuk students enjoyed a FRTEP-organized tour through Oregon. The trip lasted six-days and covered several different colleges and private universities throughout Oregon, giving students a chance to interact with Native American college students and professors while learning about interesting and educational programs geared towards Native American students.

Klamath Siskiyou Outdoor School: FRTEP contributed funds to help the Klamath Siskiyou Outdoor School host their annual cost-free natural resource restoration and outdoor skills camp. The kids participated in hands-on river restoration projects, learned about local ecology, and got to raft, paddle board, and kayak. They also learned about the region's cultural and natural history.

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