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Emerald Star and County Ambassadors (Previously Known as All Stars)

Many counties in California have an Emerald Star program. This program is designed to help youth learn about project planning, organization and presentation. The Emerald Star project's purpose is to provide an opportunity for intermediate and senior 4-H members to develop projects in their community, or in 4-H YDP beyond the club level. For more information go to http://www.ca4h.org/Projects/Leadership/EmeraldStar/

County 4-H Ambassadors are the premiere youth leaders of the county 4-H program.  Ambassadors visit other 4-H clubs; reach out to other organizations within the community; and attend and participate in the 4-H State Leadership Conference, 4-H County Meetings, State or Sectional 4-H Meetings and Events, and other activities as outlined by each individual county.