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NatureFest: A bioblitz at HREC

Dates: April 27, 2018 - April 28, 2018

Time: All Day

Contact: Hannah Bird (707) 744 1424 ext 105 hbird@ucanr.edu

Sponsor: Hopland Research and Extension Center

Location: 4070 University Road

Event Details



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Join our team of experts to celebrate nature, learn about local wildlife and search for new species! Events appropriate for all ages and experience levels.

Events include:

Date/Time Event  $
Friday April 27, 6-9pm NatureFest Opening Celebration Adults $60, Youth under 16 $20
Saturday April 28, 7-9am Birdwatching Adults $15, Children under 16 $5 

Saturday April 28, 10-11am
Spiders and Scorpions Adults $15, Children under 16 $5
Saturday April 28 11am-3pm Bioblitz for All  Adults $5, Children under 16 FREE
Saturday April 28 3-5pm The Real Sarahs & Gwyneth Moreland Adults $20, Children under 16 $15

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Read more about all of our exciting NatureFest events and speakers below.

NatureFest Opening Celebration
Friday April 27, 6-9pm, Adults $60, Youth under 16 $20

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Enjoy a delicious locally sourced dinner and the talk “Bear Essential? The Past, Present, and Potential Future of Grizzlies in California” by Dr. Peter Alagona, associate professor at UC Santa Barbara. 

Bear Essential
Prior to the Gold Rush, California was home to as many as ten thousand grizzly bears. After 1849, the state’s grizzly population plummeted, and the last credible sighting of a wild “chaparral bear” occurred near Sequoia National Park in 1924. Today, California’s grizzlies are lost but not forgotten; they have been extinct in the state for nearly a century, but they remain the our official mascot and some Californians are beginning to wonder whether it is time to bring them back. This lecture will discuss the work of the California Grizzly Study Group, a project launched in 2016 at UC Santa Barbara that is conducting the first major study of the past, present, and potential future of grizzlies in California since 1955. 

Peter Alagona
Pete Alagona is an associate professor of history, geography, and environmental studies at UCSB. Before coming to Santa Barbara, he studied at Northwestern University and UCLA, and held fellowships at Harvard and Stanford. An environmental historian by training, his work explores what happens when humans share space and resources—their habitats—with other species: how we interact with non-human creatures, how we make sense of these interactions, why we fight so much about them, what we can learn from them, and how we might use these lessons to foster a more just and sustainable society. He has published more than four-dozen books and articles on these and related topics, including After the Grizzly: Endangered Species and the Politics of Place in California, published by the University of California Press in 2013.


Saturday April 28, 7-9am, Adults $15, Children under 16 $5 
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Look and listen for feathered friends with Peregrine Audubon Society experts Chuck Vaughn and Bob Keiffer.

Spiders and Scorpions
Saturday April 28, 10-11am, Adults $15, Children under 16 $5
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Get down to the earth to discover these often misunderstood creepy crawlies with Dr. Lauren Esposito from the California Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Lauren Esposito started her entomology collection at a young age. As a kid, she had a predilection for exploring the yard, flipping over rocks, and storing found insects in egg cartons, although it didn’t occur to her that she might become a scorpion scientist. 

She continued to hone her craft during college, with a summer undergraduate internship in arachnology at the American Museum of Natural History and volunteer work at a field station in the Chihuahuan Desert. By the time she graduated, Esposito was hooked on arachnids—and field work—and returned to AMNH to complete a PhD in arachnology. She followed that with a postdoctoral fellowship studying the biogeography of scorpions in the Caribbean. That project, she says, “combined everything I loved: the Caribbean, being on islands, doing lots of field work, and studying scorpions.”

When an arachnologist position at the Academy opened in 2015, Esposito knew she had to apply. “I’d been trained as a museum scientist since I was 19 years old, and all I wanted to do is museum science. And the Academy, with its opportunities for community engagement and outreach, was always at the top of my list.”

Enjoy this short film of Dr. Esposito conducting her scorpion research: The Anomalies: Venom Race|California Academy of Sciences

Bioblitz for All 
Saturday April 28 11am-3pm, Adults $5, Children under 16 FREE
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Get outside! Explore with the expert scientists and naturalists and search for new species! We will finish the bioblitz and return to the Rod Shippey Hall at 2:30pm to be led in the bioblitz dance by the California Conservation Corps.

The Real Sarahs & Gwyneth Moreland
Saturday April 28 3-5pm, Adults $20, Children under 16 $15
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Stay to recap and relax with refreshments and the spellbinding harmonies of these incredible folk musicians.

"With organic harmonies that enchant and uplift the spirit, The Real Sarahs share their special gift of vocal synergy. This trio of women, who are all named Sarah, enjoy the magic that is created by voices in harmony, acoustic instruments, and the energetic connection between artists and audience. Embracing many genres of music, you are likely to hear threads of folk, jazz, blues, and country running through their songs. Singing from the stories of their own life journeys and experiences, their original music is honest, evocative and heartfelt."

- Kate Wolf Music Festival

"Gwyneth Moreland offers a Folk sound to widen the appeal of California Country as she lightly steps down “Broken Road” and floats in dreams of round apple orbs cascading into “Cider” for the title track."
- The Alternate Root

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All tickets $5 more at the door. No dogs please.

For questions contact hbird@ucanr.edu


Would you like to join our team of volunteers to help with setting up, guiding, sharing naturalist knowledge or assist with food service? Click here to register as a volunteer. We encourage youth volunteers (under 18s must be accompanied by an adult) to download our creature fact sheets to learn about local species to share with the public on the April 28th: Creature fact sheets


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